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MadridSurCup is not only a football tournament, MadridSurCup is a lot more:It is fun, learning, discipline, respect, ethics, work, sport, motivation and team work. MadridSurCup is also solidarity and it belongs to a comprehensive education.

Since the beginning, we bet on fair play, without discredit others, looking for ENJOY playing football, everybody is cooperating: organizers, spectators, referees and , who are the main protagonists, all players. These children who dream about a ball and who are waiting for the end of the season to dispute one year more “the surcup”.

With this, we want to show a solidarity education, doing our bit to build a better world.


Keeping in mind the real meaning of solidarity it is not strange to listen this term more frequency when we are in war or when natural disasters are happening. So that, thanking to the solidarity it is possible to help people who are less fortunate in this situations.

Solidarity helps us joining to others, it makes people feel at home, and belonging to a concrete place or nation, and it makes citizens work on the same aim.


The values we transmit to children are what make them continue dreaming, if not one day they will want to wake up from this bad dream that football cause on them. Our intention is that they continue being football players all their life, living their life in sportsmanship, doing their best, with requirement, tolerating stress and overcoming the small failures. We think all these values can be transmitted by playing football and in the sport.

To reach this, we just need our effort and your collaboration, for that reason, the best prize is destined to the most sporting team, being this which win a free participation in the following edition, because thanks to it, it is how we get this “drop by drop”.



Our objective is that MadridSurCup has every year a social work:

  • In 2009/2010 and 2011 we had a special category for disabled people, who enjoyed the tournament as everybody; they showed us generosity details and effort that were a big example for everyone.

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  • In 2012 we collaborated with ONG “Malalo Sports Foundation”, making a campaign of “crowfounding” trying to bring to Madrid a group of children from Zambia. Unfortunately we did not reach our final aim; however, we collected sport material that the ONG sent to them.
  • In 2013, we focussed on collecting food during the tournament for Caritas (South of Madrid) for people in need who are closer to us.
  • In 2014 our effort gave fruits to people in need: people from “Afisudcomoe” participated in the tournament. AfiSudcomoe is an Ivory Coast Academy; its aim is to educate children across the sport, providing them with food and academic and sporting training. The experience could not be more gratifying, considering that they won the trophy in B-12 category and a boots load (thanks to your generosity), and also they gave us an important lesson of humanity and respect.

  • Something really remarkable was when children from “La Flamenca de Alcorcon”, who had lost the final, gave their boots to the rivals, and they went up to pick their second place trophy barefoot.


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