Our aim is that all the teams that participate in MadridSurcup feel themselves as protagonists’ he sasys.

MadridSurCup reach it seventh Edition this 2015. How did the tournament start and what relation does it have with Santa Clara?

Santa Clara Sport is a sport club that was born with the only intention of organising MadridSurCup, which is a young football tournament which has a solitary intention in Madrid. We thought that Madrid needed a tournament like this, aiming to the young. It would be impossible to organise it without all the people who take part on it organisation: Víctor, Rubén, Álvaro, Brenda… From people who have worked with sponsors, accommodation, communication… to the special work of www.deportedealcorcon.com and Repormedia… When the date of the tournament is closer it increases the responsibilities of all the organizing (last year we were 85 people involved on it) . It has to be emphasized the big effort made during this week, and above all, the manner received by the participants. It is a familiar and personalized manner.

How do you face this VII edition and what are the newsnesses?

Always we face it with excitement and with the expectation of continue growing. The main newness this year is the origin of our foreigner participants. Last year we had a big representation of Arabic teams, but this year it is Ramadan, for that reason they can not participate on it. So that, this year we have focused on Europe and South America. We have teams from Brazil, Italy and we are negotiating with India. Moreover, one of the newness more excited is that we are organising a celebration of a party during the tournament. It will be at Thursday night, last day that all the participants will be together. It will take place in Villaviciosa, in Roket, that it is a company that organises children parties. It is a spacious place, with a play area and the capacity for 300 children. Besides during the party will be raffles, games … with the intention of being a happy farewell for everybody.

In this edition, which categories are going to participate on?

We repeat the same; because of the number of participants in other categories are not enough for duplicate ages. So that, they can play with the same age of born . And of course we have the veterans and feminine.

You talk about femenine football, which it is growing with the first participation of Spain in the World Cup. What importance does it have in MadridSurCup?

We make a big effort in order to feminine football could take part on the tournament and it has a good welcoming. Still it exits differences between masculine and feminine football. With the feminine ones each year it is like start again in relation to the organisation, whereas with masculine ones everything is more automatic. Our effort is bigger for increasing the participation of feminine teams. When the girls take part on it, they enjoy, have fun, and have the feeling of being playing in a serious tournament.

Another important aspect for MadridSurCup is the solidarity. What are you going to do this year?

We are working on two initiatives. One project it is to give visibility to the Duchene sick people. From the beginning we found it really interesting and we are studying how we can do it. Moreover, we continue with AFI Sudcomoe. Although they are not going to participate in the tournament, they will appear in the inauguration. As we did last year, we are going to repeat the alternative of collecting material for the academy in Ivory Coast.

For the good working of the tournament it is necessary the support of the sponsors. Which companies are going to support MadridSurCup this edition?

We repeat with the principles. For the fourth year the official supplier is Kromex. For us it is a pleasure to work with them. Also we continue with CEVESA as the official transport of the tournament. We have been working together since the beginning of MadridSurCup, and it is very important for us because of its seriousness in their services and flexibility. This is very important because sometimes the teams need to change the timetables and their trips. They work really well. This year we have Un Bus as the official travel agency of the tournament. They are the responsible for the accommodation. They offered a big option of hotels accustomed to work with sportsmen and with reasonable prices. They transmit us calm because they move big groups and their manner is excellent. Moreover, for the teams that do not come from Madrid, the tournament offer them the opportunity to enjoy the city with discounts in activities as the amusement park, Aquopolis, Bernabeu and Calderon tour, Warner… and also they have the option to do a touristic tour in Madrid city. These teams have a person who help them and who is with them during the entire tournament. This year we have also newsness related to Novanca. It has offered itself to be part of the tournament as it does Ibercaja, which have been working with us several years. They give the option to all the participants of registering in their offices and also they are going to finance the trophies that will be given in the final. We want to stand out their magnificent aptitude.

What differentiate MadrudSurCup from the rest of tournaments?

I think the most important is the manner and the good organisation during the week. Last year we made an important progress in all related to communication, to give visibility to the teams that participate on it. This year our idea is to repeat the same effort made. That each team in MadridSurCup feel protagonist. Moreover, we always try to have a good atmosphere far from the aggressiveness typical of football, and we try to be closer to a sane rivalry.

MadridSurCup can say that there are participants who are playing in professional football as Víctor Pastrana, who is in first team of Alcorcon. What is the importance of having players as him who have been in MadridSurCup?

For us it is a big proud, having players as Pastrana, who is playing in Alcorcon in second division and has been called by Under 19, and he played in MadridsurCup and won it. This excites us because we know him from Trival Valderas. It could be an important recognition for our tournament. But he is not the only distinguished participant. There are lots of boys who have played in several editions and we have to see where they are now.

It exists tournaments more famous, what is the secret of MadridSurCup for having this success?

The tournament does not have an important media support, neither big brands. We work from mouth to mouth. But seeing how teams repeat playing in the tournament it is incredible. This is what motivates us to continue working on.

As direct of the tournament, what would you say to the teams that are thinking of participating or not?

That tomorrow could be late…

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